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Vinpower Launches Xerox USB Drive Duplicators

Vinpower Digital announced its new line of Xerox-branded standalone USB drive duplicators.

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Unedited press release follows:

Xerox Makes it Faster to Copy Content from a Single USB Drive to Multiple Ones

High speed duplicators help office workers save time, money.

Los Angeles, CA — May 10, 2011 — Say you are prepping for a last minute board meeting, and want to hand out USB drives with your presentation already pre-loaded. Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) makes this idea feasible and fast with a new line of standalone USB duplicators that provide asynchronous duplication for data content of any size.

“Other products offer asynchronous duplication, which makes copying fast, but only for smaller-sized data content,” said Calvin Chang, CEO of Vinpower Digital. “The Xerox USB Duplicator can take on any memory size without slowing down.”

Vinpower Digital works with Xerox through an exclusive trademark licensing agreement to develop, market and support Xerox-branded duplicators.

The new line of Xerox USB duplicators allows users to make multiple copies of a single USB connected storage device, such as a pen drive or external hard drive, onto numerous other USB connected storage devices. The line features 10 different models that range from three to 63 USB writer ports. The standalone duplicators can operate independently of a computer, providing a reliable and inexpensive way to make multiple copies of any USB connected storage device. Additional features include:

• Smart Copy – the unit only copies the data found on the USB device, which saves considerable time.
• Secure Erase – ensure that all trace of previous data/information stored on that flash device is overwritten and not capable of being retrieved.
• Broad Compatibility – able to copy the widest array of USB connected storage devices, including models that are of sub-par standard.

The new product line is part of Xerox’s Digital Duplicator series which includes standalone towers and automated CD, DVD, Blu-ray and LightScribe capable duplicators.