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Vinpower Unveils Three Recorder CUBE Autoloader

Vinpower Digital announced the release of The CUBE 3, a compact and standalone CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc (optional) autoloading duplication system.

According to the statement, with three recorders and a 60 disc capacity, The CUBE 3 is ideal for those who need to create a small to medium quantity of copies in a short period of time without requiring the user to manually load and unload the discs.

This system features reliable operation, simple program features and multi-master recognition capability. Additionally, The CUBE 3 is a complete, standalone duplicator which does not require computer connection.

Whether the job calls for 60 copies of a single master or 10 copies of six different masters, the user merely sets up the system one time and leaves it alone while The CUBE 3 handles the rest. Plus, with the easy to use AutoCopy function, the user can make quick copies right away without pre-loading the master into the hard drive. With a 250GB hard drive using dynamic partitions, The CUBE can store numerous master discs to be copied right away or at a later date.

“The CUBE fills a perfect niche in all markets for those looking for a simple and inexpensive solution in a robotic autoloader duplicator”, said Ryan Swerdloff, VP of Marketing and Sales at Vinpower Digital.

The CUBE 3 offers fast duplication capability along with features such as LightScribe, account management, auto counter, multi-language support, drive firmware upgrade capability and more.

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