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VSS Launches vCompress Pro Transcoding Cloud Service

Vanguard Software Solutions (VSS) announced its new vCompress Pro transcoding cloud service at NAB Show 2012.

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Unedited press release follows:

Vanguard Software Solutions Launches vCompress Pro on Windows Azure Media Services

LAS VEGAS — Vanguard Software Solutions (VSS), a tier one OEM supplier of H.264/AVC CODEC technology, will launch its first professional transcoding cloud service, vCompress Pro on Windows Azure Media Services. This transcoding media service is one of the first to offer high quality, Microsoft Smooth Streaming-compliant, fragmented MP4 file sets for Video-on-Demand (VOD) services on Windows Azure Media Services. vCompress Pro is an essential tool for Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Content Aggregators, Over the Top (OTT) and Mobile Streaming VOD service providers amongst other professionals, publishing video on Windows Azure Media Services. Key features include:

• Up to 16 GOP aligned encoded streams per single source video in a single pass of transcoder
• Highest quality at lowest bit rates using dual pass encoding with CBR and VBR modes
• Segment transcoding with API for custom workflows

“Windows Azure Media Services is a new set of ready to use cloud-based media technologies that enable Microsoft customers and partners to create, distribute, and manage customized media solutions across all types of devices and platforms that essentially unlocks the power of the cloud for the video publishing world,” said Sudheer Sirivara, senior director of Windows Azure Media Services at Microsoft Corp. “We’re excited to be working with Vanguard Software Solutions on their new vCompress Pro solution and making it available to our joint customers.”

“VSS launched vCompress Pro at IBC2011 with both Windows end-user graphical user interface (GUI) and console application for workflow integration,” said Felix Nemirovsky, Vice-President Marketing at VSS. “Now, we have extended its capability to Windows Azure Media Services. This introduction significantly simplifies the process of publishing video to a variety of platforms addressing the growing consumer demand for high quality video content.”

vCompress Pro is currently available for purchase online and for OEM licensing and integration. With the launch of Windows Azure Media Services, vCompress Pro becomes available as a transcoding media service. vCompress Pro has a flexible licensing model which includes licenses for:

• 2D/AVC Adaptive VOD for Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming and other MP4 formats
• 3D/MVC for emerging 3D Adaptive streaming VOD formats
• IPTV Adaptive VOD transport stream (TS) formats
• Blu-ray AVC(2D) and MVC(3D) Disc Authoring
• Ultra-Violet CFF format will soon be added to vCompress Pro