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Warm Welcome for AudioDev Blu-ray Tester

AudioDev announced that it has sold and installed nearly forty of its CATS B210 BD Pro 2x Blu-ray Disc reference testers.

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Unedited press release follows:

Successful launch of CATS BD 2x

Just over a year ago, AudioDev unveiled the CATS B210 BD Pro 2x at the Media-Tech showcase in Frankfurt. The CATS B210 BD Pro 2x is a reference tester for the Blu-ray Disc format that combines the flexibility of the CATS system platform with an increased measurement speed, without any sacrifice in regards to measurement accuracy. To this date, close to 40 CATS B210 BD Pro 2x have been sold and installed at customers around the world.

“The positive response that we have received for our CATS B210 BD Pro 2x and the large number of testers already installed in the market is something I am really proud over” says Dan Löfgren, product manager for the CATS B210 BD Pro 2x. “Now that the BD-format is expanding rapidly, being able to quickly get measurement result that you can trust is very important. The fact that our 2x-tester acts both as a reference tester as well as a large volume production tester makes it a unique product” Löfgren concludes.

The CATS B210 BD Pro 2x is measuring the BD-ROM format at both 1x and 2x testing speed and can be equipped with ROM Mark measurement option. The tester is based around the Husky reference drive platform co-developed between Toptica Photonics in Germany and AudioDev and is, since April of 2011, fully manufactured and developed by AudioDev in Sweden.