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Will Consumers Buy Into 3D TV?

Strategy Analytics announced that the results of its latest survey suggest roughly 8%-10% of the overall population is likely to actively view and potentially pay for 3D TV services.

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Strategy Analytics Survey Identifies ‘Cube Tubers’ As Main Target for 3DTV

Most Likely to Actively Consume and Pay for 3DTV Service

BOSTON–While 3DTV has been the topic of much industry excitement and hockey stick adoption forecasts, recent research conducted by Strategy Analytics suggests that it will remain very much an event-driven technology, attractive to a select group of consumers.

The survey, which polled 4,800 residents in the US, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, measured consumer interest in, understanding of, and willingness to pay for 3DTV services. Despite the fact that those who have seen cinematic 3D are largely impressed with its quality—69% overall say they were “somewhat” or “very” impressed—translating those feelings into interest for a home-based service will prove difficult.

“Through our modeling and survey work, we have identified and isolated a group of consumers we believe to be most likely to actively view—and potentially pay for—3DTV services,” said Ben Piper, Service Director and author of the report. “This group of individuals, whom we dub ‘Cube Tubers,’ represents between 8%-10% of the overall population.”

Cube Tubers were nearly twice as likely to express interest in receiving 3DTV programming at home, and were more likely to expect to pay a premium for the service.

“The excitement around 3DTV is real, and is well-deserved,” said David Mercer, Vice President of Strategy Analytics’ Digital Consumer Practice. “However, it will be of limited appeal as a consumer offering in the short run. We think service providers should focus marketing dollars on the Cube Tubers, the market segment that will be most receptive the technology.”

The report, “3DTV: Will Consumers Buy It?” addresses the market opportunity for 3DTV as well as barriers to adoption. Drawing upon Strategy Analytics’ proprietary modeling and forecasting, as well as a recently-fielded 4,800 respondent survey, the report identifies and analyzes profiles of those demographics most inclined to consume—and potentially pay for—3DTV.

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