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XONA Media Launches Movie Kiosk Software

XONA Media announced its X-Suite 5.0 software platform for managing movie and game kiosks.

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Unedited press release follows:

XONA Media Announces X-Suite 5.0, Next Generation Management Platform for Movie Kiosks

Advanced software sets new standard for turnkey management of distributed kiosk networks

SAN FRANCISCO, April 21, 2011 — XONA Media, developer of the world’s only movie kiosk capable of both traditional disc retail as well as digital media downloads, announced today the release of X-Suite 5.0. This next generation management platform for movie and game kiosks offers an unparalleled set of comprehensive features to enable new operators to compete in the fast-growing DVD, game and digital movie kiosk markets.

Rapid Growth, New Challenges
Rentals from DVD kiosks have just surpassed Netflix while pushing former leaders Blockbuster and Hollywood Video into bankruptcy. Over 10,000 video stores have shuttered, shifting billions of dollars in movie rentals and tens of millions of customers to DVD kiosks and Netflix.

“The entire industry has been caught off guard by the success of automated DVD rental kiosks,” said Pete Popcke, Chief Operating Officer of XONA Media. “In today’s economic environment, consumers demand convenience and value — and are increasingly dissatisfied with the old choices.”

Turnkey Management Platform
Without the capabilities of X-Suite 5.0, entrepreneurs and operating companies could not effectively challenge national chains like Redbox and NCR. XONA Media’s new X-Suite 5.0 software platform represents the next-generation, enterprise-class, full-featured software suite, providing both large and small operators with the industry-leading management tools to maintain real-time control of a dynamic retail network.

Capabilities of XONA X-Suite 5.0:

• Advanced, Web-based systems for remote diagnostics and robotics management
• Internet reservations of kiosk inventory
• Promo-code campaign management
• Email marketing and receipts to build customer loyalty
• Full white label custom branding
• Support for advance subscription rental programs
• Digital media delivery and management
• Full lifecycle inventory management system and EZ Load tools for on-site disc handling
• 24/7 remote kiosk monitoring with automated notifications via email or SMS
• Comprehensive customer service tools and real-time performance reports
• Major movie trailers automatically downloaded and managed for overhead flat screen displays
• Advertising-ready digital signage

The release of X-Suite 5.0 complements XONA Media’s breakthrough MK3, the world’s first “hybrid” Entertainment Kiosk, an integrated solution capable of renting and selling physical disc DVDs, Blu-ray movies and games, as well as offering the fastest downloading of digital movies, TV shows, or other digital media.

About XONA Media
XONA Media is a privately held media technology and services company providing innovative systems to link brick-and-mortar retailers to the Web and bridge physical media and digital delivery formats. With a team of retail and media distribution experts from Hollywood Video, Sonic Solutions, DVD Play, Premier Retail Networks and Zoom Systems, XONA Media leverages consumer insights and future-forward technology to dramatically reduce the costs of retail operations while creating transformative consumer experiences. Additional information is available at