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XpanD Releases X102 DLP-Link 3D Glasses

XpanD announced that it has begun shipping its second-generation X102 DLP-Link 3D glasses today.

According to the statement, retailing at $129, the X102’s work with all 3D-ready DLP projectors within a range of 140 feet. XpanD has teamed up with Texas Instruments to deploy its DLP Digital Micro-Mirror Device Technology, which synchronizes active 3D glasses with DLP projectors and TV’s with no additional technology such as an emitter.

“The 50-plus 3D-ready projectors on their way into the market from top manufacturers have an average price nearing US $700,” said Ami Dror, Chief Strategy Officer for XpanD. “This technology, paired with the X102 glasses, is the most economical choice for families looking to invest in their in-home 3D systems, with no sacrifice in quality.”

The X102 glasses can also be used in classroom settings. “Bringing 3D into the classroom enables students to focus and learn on a whole new level,” stated Maria Costeira, CEO, XpanD. “With affordable XpanD 3D solutions, teachers will have even more opportunity to develop intricate, interactive lesson plans to fully engage their students.”

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