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Anagnostics Taps Sony DADC Expertise

Sony DADC BioSciences announced that it will produce the smart consumables components of Anagnostics Bioanalysis’ hybcell-tests.

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Unedited press release follows:

Anagnostics and Sony DADC announce European collaboration

21 November 2011 — Sony DADC is taking charge of production of the smart consumables components of Anagnostics’ hybcell-tests. This joint development of the hybcell tests will enhance the effectiveness of the laboratory tests and advance the integration and automation of their production.

Sony DADC BioSciences is a worldwide leader in the development and production of plastic consumables and technical coatings used in medical technology. The company, based in Anif near Salzburg, is particularly successful in the growing field of multiplex-diagnostics which has a strong market in the United States. Sony DADC and Anagnostics Bioanalysis will be working together in the production and development of Anagnostics‘ hybcell tests. Initially, Sony DADC will be in charge of the die-casting of plastic parts and their functional coating with the objective of further enhancing the performance of the components.

“The extremely high standard Sony DADC demand of themselves, their experience in the field of medical technology and especially their innovativeness regarding plastics and surface technology convinced us that we have found the right partner in Sony DADC for expanding our production”, comments Mag. Christoph Reschreiter, CEO Anagnostics Bioanalysis GmbH.

Standing out in the European Diagnostics industry
The collaboration between Sony DADC and Anagnostics also sends out a strong signal that the European diagnostics industry is alive and kicking. Up to now, it has primarily been American companies from the field of diagnostics that have made use of the expertise of this international plastics and coating expert. With this Anagnostics partnership, a precedent for European Sony DADC collaborations has been set.

“Medical technology and especially laboratory diagnostics is an important future market for Sony DADC. Innovative companies like Anagnostics have recognized the trend toward the multiplex diagnostics and will therefore prevail in the market. We are pleased to be collaborating with Anagnostics, particularly since they are so ‘local’ to us in Austria” says Dr. Georg Bauer, Director Engineering BioSciences of Sony DADC. Looking forward beyond the current production project, plans are in place to integrate production in the future. “With Agnagnostics focusing on developing testing systems and sales, we are of course considering strategies for significantly scaling up production in an efficient way. With their comprehensive experience in the mass production of biotech components, Sony DADC is a very helpful partner to have”, adds Reschreiter.

About Sony DADC BioSciences
Sony DADC is a leading disc and digital service provider for the entertainment, education and information industries, offering world-class digital and physical supply chain solutions and software services. Building on the company’s experience in high-precision manufacturing, its mass production capability and supply chain expertise, Sony DADC’s BioSciences division partners with life sciences and diagnostics companies, enabling the industrial manufacturing of smart consumables.

Sony DADC’s global set-up comprises production sites, distribution hubs, digital and service facilities in 19 countries worldwide, including Japan, the US and Europe. For more information please visit

About Anagnostics Bioanalysis
Anagnostics Bioanalysis, based in St. Valentin, Austria, is focused on developing systems and tests for the development of pharmaceuticals and clinical diagnostics (oncology, infection diagnostics and drug screening). The combination of DNA and protein tests on the laboratory apparatus, hyborg, facilitates efficient and overarching diagnostic solutions for the rapidly expanding area of Personalized Medicine.

Since 2005, the molecular geneticist and biochemist Dr. Bernhard Ronacher and his team have been developing the multiplex assay and diagnostics technology. A cylindric microarray, the patented hybcell, is at the core of the operation and is being assembled to be used automatically within the hyborg.