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Philips Delivers Passive and Active 3DTVs

Royal Philips Electronics announced it offers 3DTVs that employ passive (Easy 3D) and active (3D Max) 3D technology.

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Philips offers freedom of choice with Easy 3D and 3D Max

Barcelona, Spain – With 3D content becoming more widely available across a range of media platforms – including Blu-ray movies, games, broadcast TV channels and even streaming internet TV – Philips is giving consumers more options to bring 3D entertainment out of the cinema and into their homes.

Consumers enjoy the experience of 3D in different ways, which is why Philips offers different 3D for different people. With the choice of 3D Max or Easy 3D, consumers can now choose the 3D experience that best suits them.

3D Max remains the pinnacle of home-3D technology and is included in all of Philips’ top-end performance products: the 9000 series Smart LED TVs, 8000 series Smart LED TVs, and Cinema 21:9 Platinum series. Easy 3D offers customers a comfortable 3D experience for long hours of 3D entertainment. Easy 3D is available in the 7000 series Smart LED TV and the new Cinema 21:9 Gold series Smart LED TV.

Offering comfort with Easy 3D
Inspired by the cinema experience, Easy 3D is designed to immerse you in the most comfortable 3D experience available. Based on passive 3D technology, it uses affordable, lightweight and stylish glasses to transport you and your whole family from your home right to the heart of your movies. Featuring sharp 3D images and low ghosting, Easy 3D is the most comfortable 3D to watch. And thanks to an advanced 3D polarizer that is fully integrated in the TV screen, it comes equipped and ready to give you all the excitement of the cinema. Finally, the Easy 3D experience is further enhanced by Philips Ambilight, which projects harmonized ambient lighting onto the walls behind your TV. With Ambilight you’ll soon forget where your movies end and your living room begins. Easy 3D is available in the 7000 series Smart LED TV and the new Cinema 21:9 Gold series Smart LED TV.

Raising the bar with 3D Max
With its gorgeous, full HD resolution, 180-degree viewing angle and minimal crosstalk, 3D Max is the last word in 3D technology. Available in the Philips 8000 and 9000 series Smart LED TVs and Cinema 21:9 Platinum series, 3D Max builds on the first 3D introduction by Philips last year and delivers 3D TVs which are fully equipped and ready to display premium 3D movie releases in high-definition 3D. Using Active 3D technology and the latest-generation high-speed display for true-to-life depth and realism, 3D Max offers an unrivalled cinematic experience out of the box. A high-powered 3D transmitter is integrated into the frame of the TV which communicates with as many Active 3D glasses as you wish, so you can watch your 3D movies with all of your friends.

3D Max pushes the boundaries of active 3D technology and now offers even better picture quality. Since last year, the Perfect Natural Motion’s processing power has doubled to two billion pixels per second – ensuring razor-sharp and perfectly fluid motion. New advances in Super Resolution ensure you’ll experience even more contrast and detail. 3D Max also features 3D depth adjustment controls which enable you to customize the level of your 3D experience, so you can choose the image depth that suits the content on-screen or that fits your personal preference. 3D Max is the ultimate 3D experience in the home.

Converting 2D to 3D
This year, Philips is introducing real-time 2D-to-3D conversion in selected 3D TVs. This means that you can watch your entire movie collection – even old black-and-white classics – in vivid and flawless 3D. Philips uses sophisticated software to deliver the best high-quality conversion available. It ensures that subtitles are shown at a constant depth and that there are no errors such as parts of the background appearing in the foreground.

Two Player Full Screen Gaming
Easy 3D and 3D Max are also designed to support Two Player Full Screen Gaming. In 2D two-player games, each gamer usually sees their game on half the screen. Using 3D technology, Philips expands the functionality of 3D TVs to enable gamers to enjoy their two-player games in full screen at the same time. By wearing the 3D glasses, each gamer will only see their game in full screen so two gamers can sit together, play on the same TV and enjoy maximum excitement.

Freedom of choice
As 3D content becomes an increasingly important part of the entertainment landscape, it is essential that consumers have access to a range of hardware options to meet their different needs. Together, Easy 3D and 3D Max offer you more freedom of choice, more innovative features and the most intense and immersive 3D experience on the market.

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