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ATSI Updates UDO Storage Libraries

Alliance Storage Technologies (ATSI) announced that it has improved its Ultra Density Optical (UDO) data storage libraries.

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Unedited press release follows:

Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc. Announces Significant Improvement to Industry-Leading Data Archiving Storage Libraries

Industry-leading storage libraries designed specifically for data archiving see significant improvements offering increased investment protection and even greater business value

Colorado Springs, CO – May 3, 2012 – Alliance Storage Technologies, Inc., has just announced a significant improvement to their direct attached and network attached storage libraries designed specifically for professional data archiving. These Plasmon Ultra Density Optical (UDO) libraries, long established as the industry-leading storage solution for regulatory compliant data archiving, now offer even greater business value.

This exciting new advancement enables businesses to more efficiently archive large amounts of data over the long-term while offering a higher degree of investment protection. Both direct attached and network attached entry and mid-range product lines have been streamlined down to four configurable models that will empower businesses to scale storage capacity within the same cabinet as data demands escalate. With a simple entry to the library, customers can expand capacities conveniently onsite.

The company reports that a single library can scale incrementally to accommodate data requirements from entry level (up to 4.8 TB) or mid-range (up to 10.4 TB) depending upon library size. Accordingly, expanding within a single library reduces costs, saves time, and frees up floor space in the IT department.

Evolving with industry demand, ASTI has continued to develop the proven line of Plasmon products creating a more flexible archiving solution with reduced operating costs – both major concerns in today’s IT environment. Efficiently managing steadily increasing amounts of data is another challenge facing the IT industry. “Our new scalable configurations address the issue of managing big data by enabling companies to confidently plan and budget for storage growth without changing footprint,” explains storage industry veteran, and CEO Chris Carr.

According to the company, continued industry demand has shown that optical is still the preferred technology for data archiving as it offers a long-term regulatory-compliant solution while minimizing business risks and providing fast and random access to data. UDO media, with a life expectancy of greater than 50 years, is inherently energy efficient because it does not require a constant power source to maintain the data, greatly reducing total-cost-of-ownership. Additionally, the company offers scalable Enterprise data storage libraries for archiving requirements up to 76.8 TB.

ASTI has stated that they are committed to the advancement of professional data archiving, with plans to further enhance the already-reliable Plasmon product line while developing the next generation of solutions that will meet growing industry demands.