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Logitech Supports THX Media Director

THX Ltd. announced that upcoming HDMI-based audio products from Logitech will support THX Media Director.

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Unedited press release follows:

THX Ltd. Adds Logitech to Growing Ecosystem of THX Media Director™ Partners

New Partner to Bring THX Media Director-enabled Devices to Market, Enhancing and Simplifying the Home Entertainment Playback Experience for Consumers Around the World

LAS VEGAS, April 11, 2011 — THX Ltd. today announced the addition of Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) to the THX Media Director™ ecosystem – a unique and growing association of consumer electronics manufacturers, content creators and content distributors united by a common goal of enabling optimal home entertainment experiences that faithfully and accurately represent artists’ creative intent.

From content creation through playback, THX Media Director is a technology that provides consumers with optimized viewing and listening experiences without a constant requirement to adjust playback settings. Logitech plans to ensure that future-generation home theater products will be able to read and act upon THX Media Director metadata that will be included with a wide variety of content types, from Blu-ray Discs to streaming media. These products will be enabled to automatically select audio and video settings that represent the presentation as seen by the artists who created the original content.

THX Media Director enables content creators to use tools such as CineVision™ and Scenarist™ from Rovi to incorporate information that describes specific audio and video characteristics, from bass levels to color levels, in their digital content. These descriptions are captured as metadata that travels through the digital data delivery stream. This metadata is decoded by THX Media Director-enabled devices, including set-top boxes, 3DTVs, and A/V receivers, enabling each device to automatically select the optimal audio and visual settings for the specific content being streamed or played.

“We plan to support THX Media Director in future-generation HDMI-based audio products,” said Ben Gibson, director of product marketing for Logitech Audio. “Home theater technology today can offer an audio experience that is comparable to being in a modern cinema. Many consumers, however, don’t realize that the right audio and video settings are key to achieving this experience. By supporting THX Media Director in our upcoming products, we expect to deliver a far more enthralling yet hassle-free entertainment experience in our customers’ homes.”

Logitech joins a list of leading consumer electronics manufacturers, including: LG Electronics, JVC U.S.A., Epson America, and Onkyo, as the latest partners to announce plans for THX Media Director-enabled products. The first slate of products are expected to be released in early 2012.

“The consumer electronics industry, content creators and content providers are rallying around THX Media Director as a technology solution that enables a much more satisfying home entertainment experience for consumers,” said Kaling Lim, executive director for THX Ltd. “THX is uniting traditionally independent communities for the common cause of delivering the best audio and video experiences. Our technology supports the easy inclusion of content descriptors in the source signal or stream that can be read and activated by any supported device. It is not tied to a single vendor. A great consumer experience requires a broad ecosystem and we are seeing strong support from all areas of the digital entertainment delivery chain.”

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