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Full Speed Ahead for MOD DVDs

Sonic Solutions and Allied Vaughn announced that the companies’ Manufacturing-on-Demand (MOD) program has produced more than one million DVDs.

Microtech Licenses Qflix for On-Demand DVD

Sonic Solutions announced that Microtech Systems has licensed Sonic’s latest Qflix technology that supports DVD-9 (dual-layer) recording in addition to DVD-5 (single-layer), to integrate into Microtech’s Xpress XP automated disc publishing system.

CD Digital Card Promotes Flex DVD

CD Digital Card announced that its Flex DVD is better for the environment than traditional prerecorded DVD-5 discs. According to the statement, Flex DVD uses one half the polycarbonate and chemicals that a standard DVD-5 replication process normally uses, has the same capacity as a DVD-5 (4.7GB for standard size, 1.1GB for 3” Mini and [...]

DVD-9 to 5: The New Copying Reality

How hard is it to copy a DVD movie? Not as difficult or time-consuming as some make it out to be — and it’s getting easier and more convenient every day.