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Zoran Licenses RealD Format for 3D

Zoran Corporation and RealD Inc. announced that Zoran has licensed the stereoscopic RealD format and will incorporate support for 3D content delivery and display technology into its TV, set-top box and Blu-ray products.

According to the statement, manufacturers of set-top boxes, televisions and other consumer electronics products that use Zoran’s SupraHD, SupraXD and VaddisHD multimedia processors can now support content delivered in the RealD Format and display high-definition 3D with no additional hardware required. Zoran’s TV reference design with integrated RealD 3D support is available now.

“Supporting the RealD Format is an important element in our strategy to provide comprehensive, high-quality 3D TV capabilities in Zoran’s TV, set-top box and Blu-ray player solutions,” said Ram Ofir, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Home Entertainment division, Zoran Corporation. “The RealD Format has been adopted by many major consumer electronics companies and is already being used for live 3D event broadcasts by satellite and cable operators. Integrating the RealD Format will help Zoran provide cost-effective 3D TV products that will be compatible with today’s HD broadcast infrastructure and support the coming wave of 3D content in the home.”

“Our relationship with Zoran will enable a seamless integration of the RealD Format by consumer electronics companies and set-top box manufacturers, allowing them to deliver high definition 3D content without incremental hardware costs,” added Bob Mayson, President of Consumer Electronics at RealD.

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